Bài 8. Buying request tickets

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Một bạn muốn đọc đã tra sách tên sách và muốn tìm đọc, thủ thư đã giải thích và chỉ cho bạn đọc phòng đọc sách, đồng thời chỉ dẫn bạn đọc mua và điền vào phiếu yêu cầu


R: Good morning sir, Could you help me?

L: Of course sir!

R: I’ve just found the titles of some books but I don’t know how to get them.

L: Let me see the list of titles.

L:  Most of your books are new one. They are Economic Vietnamese books so you can find the at the Opening Reading Room on Social Science and Humanities, You must record the book’s index to find them... And this one is a Doctoral thesis, you read it at the Special Collections Reading Room but before that you have to buy some request tickets then fill out some information, your personal information and your material information. The request tickets will be done on the Request Box. Librarian will check the tickets and give your books later.

R: Thank you very much, Can I buy some request tickets here?

L: Certainly, sir. It’s five hundred VNĐ per ten tickets, please.

R: Thank you.

R: Sorry sir, Is that one ticket for two books?

L: Oh no, just one book. You must fill in the form in duplicate

 R: Oh! I see


New words:

The titles of some books: Một vài tên sách

The title of book: Tên sách

Request ticket: Phiếu yêu cầu

Doctoral thesis: Luận án tiến sĩ (số nhiều)

Personal information : Thông tin cá nhân

Material information: Thông tin về tài liệu

Book’s index: Chỉ số phân loại

Fill in the form in duplicate: Điền thông tin 2 lần