Bài 6: Get a library card (part 2)

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2. Bạn đọc là sinh viên năm thứ nhất gọi điện đến thư viện và hỏi về thủ tục làm thẻ mới. Thủ thư đã trả lời về thủ tục làm th cho sinh viên, lệ phí và ngày làm việc của bộ phận cấp thẻ.

A: Hello, National library of Viet Nam, Card issue division here. Who is speaking?

B: Hello. Has the National library of Vietnam already released the new regulation for getting a library card?

A: Yes, that is right.

B: We are the first year students, we want to get library cards. I wonder whether the first year students are allowed to get the library cards?

A: Yes, as of 1st October 2007, all Vietnamese residents, 18 years and older are eligible to
receive a library card.

B: That is great! What are the requirements for getting a library card?

A: Students must bring the student cards when they come to library. In addition, you have to fill in the library card applications which we deliver you.

B: How about the fee for getting a library card?

A: You have to pay 120.000 VND for a card per year.

B: Can I get a library card at the weekend?

A: You can come to see us on Saturdays. We open six days a week, Sundays are the days off work.

B: Thank you very much!

A: You are welcome!

New words

Card issue division: Bộ phận cấp thẻ

Regulation: Qui định

Eligible: (tính từ) đủ tư cách, thích hợp

Vietnamese resident: Công dân Việt Nam

Card application: Phiếu thông tin đăng kí làm thẻ