Tài liệu Liên Hợp Quốc tháng 12/2023

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  1. ASK PGA: An Interactive Platform to Connect with People, [xem chi tiết]
  2. IAEA Data Platform, [xem chi tiết]
  3. ILO Research Repository, [xem chi tiết]


  1. International Year of Camelids, 2024, [xem chi tiết]
  2. International Decade of Sciences for Sustainable Development, 2024–2033, [xem chi tiết]
  3. Millets Recipe Book - International Year of Millets 2023, [xem chi tiết]


  1. 2022 Year in Review: Climate-driven Global Renewable Energy Potential Resources and Energy Demand, [xem chi tiết]
  2. The climate-changed child: A Children’s Climate Risk Index supplement (UNICEF), [xem chi tiết]
  3. Emissions Gap Report 2023: Broken Record – Temperatures hit new highs, yet world fails to cut emissions (again) (UNEP), [xem chi tiết]
  4. Enhancing Climate Change Transparency: How Developing Countries are Taking Action (UNDP), [xem chi tiết]
  5. An Eye on Methane: International Methane Emissions Observatory 2023 Report (UNEP), [xem chi tiết]
  6. Feminist climate justice: A framework for action (UN Women), [xem chi tiết]
  7. The Global Climate 2011-2020: A decade of accelerating climate change (WMO), [xem chi tiết]
  8. Global Cooling Watch 2023 - Keeping it Chill: How to meet cooling demands while cutting emissions, [xem chi tiết]
  9. Global Drought Snapshot 2023: the Need for Proactive Action (UNCCD), [xem chi tiết]
  10. Global Status of Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems 2023 (UNDRR / WMO), [xem chi tiết]
  11. Green Technology Book: Solutions for climate change mitigation (WIPO), [xem chi tiết]
  12. Issue paper on child labour and climate change (ILO , [xem chi tiết]
  13. Long-term low-emission development strategies: Synthesis report by the secretariat (FCCC/PA/CMA/2023/10, 14 September 2023), [xem chi tiết]
  14. Nationally determined contributions under the Paris Agreement: Synthesis report by the secretariat (FCCC/PA/CMA/2023/12, 14 November 2023), [xem chi tiết]
  15. Pathways towards lower emissions: A global assessment of the greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation options from livestock agrifood systems (FAO), [xem chi tiết]
  16. Protecting maternal, newborn and child health from the impacts of climate change: call for action, [xem chi tiết]
  17. Provisional State of the Global Climate 2023 (WMO), [xem chi tiết]
  18. Trade Policy Tools for Climate Action (WTO), [xem chi tiết]
  19. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Guidance from the Conference of the Parties and Responses by the Global Environment Facility, COP1 – COP27, [xem chi tiết]
  20. UNDP's High-Integrity Carbon Markets Initiative, [xem chi tiết]


  1. Businesses leading the way on disability inclusion: A compilation of good corporate practices (ILO), [xem chi tiết]
  2. A call for safer and healthier working environments (ILO), [xem chi tiết]
  3. CLIP: New Online Platform Supports Creators’ Livelihoods, [xem chi tiết]
  4. Geoeconomic Fragmentation: What’s at Stake for the EU (IMF Working Paper No. 2023/245), [xem chi tiết]
  5. Integrating Trade and Decent Work (ILO):
  6. Volume I: Has trade led to better jobs? Findings based on ILO’s Decent Work Indicators, [xem chi tiết]
  7. Volume II: The potential of trade and investment policies to address labour market issues in supply chains, [xem chi tiết]
  8. Let Communities Lead - World AIDS Day Report 2023, https://www.unaids.org/en/resources/documents/2023/world-aids-day-report-let-communities-lead">[xem chi tiết]
  9. The plants that feed the world: Baseline data and metrics to inform strategies for the conservation and use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture (FAO), [xem chi tiết]
  10. Progress report on the United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing, 2021-2023, [xem chi tiết]
  11. Regional Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2023: Europe and Central Asia (UNDRR), [xem chi tiết]
  12. The State of Mediterranean and Black Sea Fisheries 2023: Special edition (SoMFi 2023), [xem chi tiết]
  13. Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Child Restraint Systems for Safer Transport of Children in Buses and Coaches (UN Regulation No. XXX), [xem chi tiết]
  14. WHO expert meeting on prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases: learning from the arts. Opera House Budapest, Hungary, 15–16 December 2022: meeting report, [xem chi tiết]
  15. WHO guideline for non-surgical management of chronic primary low back pain in adults in primary and community care settings, [xem chi tiết]
  16. World Public Sector Report 2023: Transforming institutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals after the pandemic, [xem chi tiết]


  1. Therapeutics and COVID-19: Living guideline, 10 November 2023, [xem chi tiết]


  1. AI and International Security: Understanding the Risks and Paving the Path for Confidence-Building Measures (UNIDIR), [xem chi tiết]
  2. Concept note for the open debate on the theme “Maintenance of international peace and security: promote sustaining peace through common development”, [xem chi tiết]
  3. Concept note for the Security Council open debate on the theme “Threats to international peace and security: transnational organized crime, growing challenges and new threats”, [xem chi tiết]
  4. Indicators for Democratic Parliaments, [xem chi tiết]
  5. Voices of Resilience: A Gender Needs Analysis on Preventing Violent Extremism in the Sahel (UNICRI), [xem chi tiết]


  1. Human Rights 75: High-level Event in Geneva on 11 and 12 December, [xem chi tiết]
  2. Checklist for ensuring the quality of violence against women surveys, [xem chi tiết]
  3. Child Poverty in the Midst of Wealth: Innocenti Report Card 18, [xem chi tiết]
  4. Guidance Note on Intersectionality, Racial Discrimination and Protection of Minorities / United Nations Network on Racial Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, [xem chi tiết]
  5. Progress and the Peril: HIV and the Global De/criminalization of Same-Sex Sex, [xem chi tiết]
  6. Research Manual - Assessment of the implementation of fundamental principles and rights at work in the workplace (ILO) , [xem chi tiết]
  7. Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances (WGEID) “in a nutshell” , [xem chi tiết]


  1. Gaza War: Expected Socio-Economic Impacts on the State of Palestine: Preliminary estimation until 5 November 2023 (ESCWA / UNDP), [xem chi tiết]
  2. Impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict on the labour market and livelihoods in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (ILO Brief - Bulletin No. 1), [xem chi tiết]
  3. Libya - Impact of Storm Daniel: An Update on Displacement and Needs, November 2023 (IOM), [xem chi tiết]
  4. PROGRESS 2023: Periodic Global Report on the State of Solutions to Internal Displacement (IOM), [xem chi tiết]
  5. Unequal Access: Gendered barriers to humanitarian assistance (WFP), [xem chi tiết]


  1. Environmental Rule of Law: Tracking Progress and Charting Future Directions (UNEP), [xem chi tiết]
  2. International Law Aspects of Sea Level Rise (World Bank), [xem chi tiết]
  3. Policy on Gender-based Crimes: Crimes involving sexual, reproductive and other gender-based violence (ICC), [xem chi tiết]
  4. Standard on Public-Private Partnerships / Concession Legal Framework in support of the Sustainable Development Goals and its Accompanying Guide (UNECE) , [xem chi tiết]


  1. Gender-related killings of women and girls (femicide/feminicide): Global estimates of female intimate partner/family-related homicides in 2022, [xem chi tiết]