Viet Nam Book and Reading Culture Festival 2022 "Culture Revival and Development of Reading Culture"

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In celebration of the Viet Nam Book and Reading Culture Day April 21 and World Book and Copyright Day April 23, on April 15, 2022, the National Library of Viet Nam (NLV) in cooperation with ministries, branches, international organizations, libraries, schools, publishers, bookstores, businesses... organized the Book and Reading Culture Festival 2022with the theme: "Culture Revival and Development of Reading Culture".

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Welcome Performance

Attending the Book and Reading Culture Festival 2022, on the side of the guests, there were Mr. Pham Quang Nghi - former Politburo member, former Secretary of the Ha Noi Party Committee; Mr. Le Doan Hop - former member of the Party Central Committee, former Minister of Information and Communications; Mr. Tran Thanh Lam - Deputy Head of the Central Propaganda Department; Mr. Phan Viet Luong - Vice Chairman of the Culture and Education Committee of the National Assembly; Ms. Trinh Thi Thuy – Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Mr. Phan Tam – Deputy Minister of Information and Communications; Mr. Bui The Duc - Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of Literature Criticism; Ms. Hoang Thi Hoa – former Vice Chairwomen of the Culture and Education Committee of the National Assembly; Mr. Hoang Vinh Bao - Chairman of Viet Nam Publishing Association, former Deputy Minister of Information and Communications; Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong - Chairman of Viet Nam Digital Communications Association, former Deputy Minister of Information and Communications; Ms. Nguyen Hoai Anh - Deputy Director, Deputy Editor-in-Chief ofthe National Politics TruthPublishing House; Mr. Nguyen Tuan Linh -PermanentDeputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism(MCST); Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hoa - Director Generalof the Department of International Cooperationof theMCST; Ms. Doan Quynh Dung - Deputy Director of the Library Department of the MCST; Mr. Duong Trung Quoc- General Secretary of the Viet Nam Historical Science Association; Mr. Nguyen Huu Gioi - Chairman of Vietnamese Library Association...

On the side of the Organizing Committee, there were Ms. Kieu Thuy Nga - Director of the National Libraryof Viet Nam, Head of the Organizing Committee of the 2022 Book and Reading Culture Festival, the Deputy Directors, members of the Organizing Committee of the Festival's activities.

Ambassadors from Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela were presenton the side of the international guests, as were representatives from the embassies of Poland, Chile, Italy, and Peru, as well as diplomatic agencies and international organizations such as the Wallonie-Bruxelles Delegation, The Asia Foundation (USA) in Viet Nam, the Korean Cultural Center, and the French Cultural Center in Viet Nam.

Representatives of leaders of departments and agencies under the Central Propaganda Department, Office of the National Assembly, and the National Assembly's Committee for Culture and Education alsoattended the Festival, as did leaders and former leaders of agencies of the Party, Union, Department, Office, units and associations under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Education and Training,the Ministry of Public Securityand the Ministry of NationalDefense.

There were also representatives from libraries and information centers, publishers, bookstores, educational institutions, businesses, speakers, writers, poets, researchers, critics, scientists, managers, lecturers; organizations, individuals, news agencies, newspapers, radio, and a large number of readers of all ages...

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Overview of the Book Festival 2022

Continuing to inherit and promote the Book Festival's recent successes, the event was organized flexibly this year in the context of the complicated development of the Covid 19 epidemic, with various forms such as: live activities, live activities combined with online livestreams, activities held remotely in line with the actual situation and still bring positive social effects.

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Ms. Kieu Thuy Nga - NLV Director, Chairwoman of the Book and Reading Culture Festival 2022 Organizing Committee, gives the opening speech.

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Ribbon cutting to open the Book and Reading Culture Festival 2022

The Book and Reading Culture Festival in 2022 includes a series of activities such as: Book Exhibition, Exchange of Authors and Works, Exhibition of Documentary Photos, Introduction of National Book Award Winners, Painting throughBooks Competition, BookReviewCompetition, Exhibition of PaintingAwardWinners through Book Festivals, Experience of reading skills... In which: TheBook Exhibition "Reading Culture andour lives"isdisplayed underfour contents: (1) Books - Human heritage category (2) Reading opens the door to knowledge (3) Reading creates the future (4) The art of reading. Over 1,000 typicalmaterialson exhibit attest to the book's objective of serving as a means and instrument for maintaining progress, civilization, and the historical growth of human, as well as a foundation for each individual to extend knowledge, future creativity, and social development. The exhibition also provides an opportunity to expose Vietnamese publishers' and foreign publishing organizations' titles to local and overseas readers, encourage copyright transfers, and enhance international publishing collaboration.

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Delegates, readers and the public visit the book exhibition "Reading Culture andourlives"

The week "Exchange of Authors and Works" will be held from April 15 to 21, 2022is going to drawthe participation of many prestigious andwell-known to readerspublishers and bookstores, including Women Publishing House, Kim Dong Publishing House, Writers Association Publishing House, Thai Ha Book Joint Stock Company, and Omega Viet Nam Book Joint Stock Company. The authors and speakers taking part in the exchange are well-known authors, journalists, and politicians. The works chosen for introduction are fresh, typical works with rich substance and educational implications, such as "Tủ sách đời người (Bookcase of human existence); "Nhạc sĩ Hoàng Vân - Cho muôn đời sau” (Musician Hoang Van - For future generations)...

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Authors – Works Exchange

Women's Publishing House, in particular, participated in this year's author and work exchange program, introducing 03 typical works just published in early 2022, among which the work “Cho và nhận - Bài học cuộc đời”(Giving and receiving - Life lessons)by author Le Doan Hop is a collection of stories about family love, teacher-student love, comradeship, camaraderie, and friendship told by the author in a simple but thoughtful way, leaving many impressions for the reader. Pham Quang Nghi's work “Đi tìm một vì sao”(Journey to find a Star)is being published by Writers Association Publishing House. This is a literary autobiography, a personal profile of a person, but the reader witnesses the historical moments of the entire nation, follows the nation through the great upheavals of history, from years of war to years of peace. Each of the author's stories is a profound reflection, including several levels of thoughts and messages. This year's Authors and Works Exchange program not only attracts the attention of the library’s readers, but also is shared on the internet, bringing a diverse approach, in line with the wishes of many readers in the context of complicated epidemic developments. This is also an opportunity for famous book lovers, speakers, writers, journalists and researchers to meet and spread their love for books, thereby moving towards a growing reading culture.


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The Organizing Committee takes souvenir photos with the speakers and readers

Documentary photo exhibition "A safe and flexible adaption of libraries during the pandemic" presents photographs of actions to enhance knowledge, propaganda, and document diffusion on Covid-19 prevention and control in the new normal state. Simultaneously, it reflects theflexible innovation in the form of operation, promote creativity, and ensure safety in the organization of serving books and newspapers of libraries throughout the country, meeting the needs of accessing information, knowledge, and support for people's learning, and contributing to the effective implementation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism's Project "Development of reading culture in the community to 2020, orientation to 2030."

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Documentary photo exhibition "A safe and flexible adaptation of library during the pandemic"

The fourth "Introducing National Book AwardWinners"space introduces 24 books and book series, including two A awards, nine B prizes, and thirteen C prizes. The winning books contribute to honoring the author's products, honoring the authors, those who do the work of printing and publishing, spreading the worth of such books and bringing them into social life.


Space to introduce books won the National Book Award

The “Book Review”competitionwas offered in a remote form for the first time, yet it drew a huge number of young people who love books to participate. The entries that made it to the final stage are of high quality and well-invested, with many having profound thoughts, analysis, objective assessment, and demonstrating the worth of their material and book proposal. The contest provides an opportunity for young people to review historical traditions, express the spirit and enthusiasm of youth, and practice writing skills, confidence in expressing feelings, and drawing lessons from experience for themselves, thereby contributing to raising young people's self-study consciousness, building a learning society, appreciating the beauty in books and newspapers, and contributing to the formation of morality, personality, and lifestyle.

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The Organizing Committee awards First Prizes of the“BookReviewcompetitionand Special Prize for the "Painting through books" competition

The "Painting through books" contest was held remotely with the participation of students aged 6-13 at elementary and junior high schools in Ha Noi city. This year, the children did not have the opportunity to directly experience the crowd and jubilant atmosphere of the Festival, but the contest was still a useful playground for them to unleash their artistic creativity. The contest garnered strong support with tens of thousands of entries after more than two months of planning, organizing, and launching. The majority of the submissions adhere to the topic, demonstrate ingenuity in content, have a distinct color scheme, and transmit hopeful and good sentiments of young children with a passion for reading. The greatest works of the contest were selected for awards in the final round after several preliminary rounds at various levels, including 02 Special prizes, 04 First prizes, 06 Second prizes, 06 Third prizes, and 20 Consolation prizes. Following the operation, the winning works and some other works from the Contest will be picked for use in propaganda and promotion operations.

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The Organizing Committee awards First Prizes for the Painting through books competition

The activity "Experience reading skills" is coordinated by the NLV and Sports and Tourism Publishing House. The activity of directing learners to practice with the curriculum "Wisdom of super reading 3,000 words/minute" assists pupils and students in developing effective reading ways, grasping the learning program properly, and creating a revolution in reading methods and approaches. In addition to the instruction, the program will assist youngsters develop the habit of super reading, improve their memorizing skills through smart note-taking, and broaden their knowledge to use successfully in school and life.

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The activity "Experiencing reading skills"

Also within the framework of the Book and Reading Culture Festival, there were also activities such as: Displaying the winning paintings in the book painting contest in the last 5 years (2017-2021); Embassies of 10 Spanish-speaking countries donated books to the National Library of Viet Nam on the occasion of the above event. This is a valuable resource to help readers gain access to one of the languages ​​used by many countries, and at the same time discover the cultural and literary features of the Spanish-speaking community.

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Embassies of Spanish-speaking countries in Viet Nam present books to the National Library of Viet Nam

Besides, NLV also organizes to receive and share books sponsored by agencies, organizations and individuals to a number of schools and libraries in remote and isolated areas throughout the country...

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Organizing Committee presents books to city/province libraries and school libraries

The activities of this year's Book and Reading Culture Festival together create a big picture with many forms of expression, bringing a fresh and vibrant atmosphere, contributing to enriching the cultural and spiritual life of the Vietnamese people, especially after a long time affected by the Covid 19 epidemic. Through activities organized to respond to Viet Nam Book and Reading Culture Day, the Organizing Committee wishes to send it to everyone, especially young people a message:

Each book is a crystallization of knowledge and life, which contains a lot of useful knowledge needed for each person. Reading books helps us to nourish, cleanse our souls, learn from experience, understand about the world, about the ocean, about past and present scientific achievements. In the immense sea of ​​life, reading is the fastest way for us to expand our knowledge and master our own lives, thereby improving our knowledge, contributing to the construction and development of society.

Photos of the same event:


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