Reference Division

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  • To organize and guide readers searching for information, respond to all library users’ requests, gradually improve information search engine of the National Library of Vietnam.
  • To organize talks and exhibition of materials by topic
  • To manage, maintain and serve readers with books of the Reference and Professional Collection.
  • To train library users how to search for information on many different resources and evaluate selected information.
  • To develop and organize reference information sources in many different fields from current events, economy-social, technical information and professional information etc.
  • To provide information on request in many different ways, such as Q&A, copies of materials, bibliography collecting, list of collections, selected information in paper format, via email or by post.
  • To receive and respond directly to library users’ information request, via phone or email.
  • To develop an own library’s search engine to perform tasks assigned, encode records and manage databases; produce information and documentary products.
  • To implement information services at the address for library users inside and outside library building. Making records archive of information services on Q&A.
  • To marketing and introduce readers services and information-documentary products of the National Library of Vietnam.
  • To compile the regional bibliography and bibliography by topics.
  • To manage the catalog system of the National Library of Vietnam
  • Do research on the theory, learn from experience and make professional guidance; to build up performance evaluation and technical processing procedures on information reference.
Services and products
  • To compile regional bibliography and bibliography on topics
  • To advice and support readers to locate appropriate information resources
  • To train library users of how to search for information.