Information services

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On-site reading service:

  • In the NLV, there are two types of stack organization : open and close. Open stacks consists of the documents updated within 3 latest years. Users can freely access documents on the shelves of  the reading rooms such as Natural Sciences Reading Room, Social Sciences Reading Room or Multimedia Room (please see the link of instroduction of each division)
Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC):
  • Currently, the NLV has stopped maitaining traditional card catalogue system. All bibliographic data is daily updated on online database. Users can do searching through OPAC at Reference Division of the NLV or at the links : Books bibliography, Digital collection, Han – Nom collection, etc.
Bibliographic products:
  • Compiling and providing the bibliographies of new books, subject bibliography, monthly and annual national bibliography, etc. This activity is carried out usually whenever a set of new books is imported into the NLV stores or on specific events. Monthly and annual national bibliography is provided every month and annually.
Books display and introduction service:
  • The NLV often organizes books display and introduction on specific subjects or events, especially on big anniversary or celebration of national events.
Information consultancy and on-request information supplier:
  • Clearly guiding and instructing users how to access the NLV’s information resources and how to use the NLV’s information products and services. Any request on information supply will be transferred by Information Consultancy section to implementors who are responsible to collect and supply all requested information to users in time and in right format.
Multimedia services:
  •  With more than 40 computers supported with applied softwares, Multimedia Room allows users to access online databases and the collection of tapes, CDs and DVDs, available in the NLV and connect the Internet.
User trainning:
  • Guiding users how to do searching and use the NLV’s information resources and how to use the NLV’s computer network. Training classes are held weekly for new members. Researchers and scientists can contact directly Reference Division for a detailed instruction.