Collection of tapes, CDs and DVDs

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The NLV collection of tapes, CD-ROMs and DVDs has originated from legal deposit, international exchange or from gift sources for the last several years, consisting of 2068 titles on different fields such as Music, Accountancy and Finance, Economy, Informatics, Linguistics, Geography, History, Education, etc.

Especially, among the collection there is a set of disks on Vietnam Communist Party, a set of 24 disks on Ho Chi Minh ideology, a set of 16 disks on Vietnam country and people in English and Vietnamese, sets of disks on learning English, French, Chinese and Korean. The collection also includes English learning books, CDs and DVDs by the lecturers Nguyen Quoc Hung and Phan Ba Tan; some tapes and disks gifted by local and foreign individuals and organizations.

(Users can access this service at Multimedia Room on the 2nd floor of Building D)