Cataloguing Division

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  • To do cataloguing in publications and doctoral thesis submitted to the National Library of Vietnam.
  • To cooperate with other divisions in the Library to build up database in order to help reader for reference, do research and learning.
  • To compile cataloguing rules based on international professional standards for common use among Vietnamese libraries.
  • To catalog Vietnamese, English, French, Russian, Chinese books etc., doctoral thesis and maps, pictures, CD on content and form (description, classification, abstract, annotation and key wording) using cataloguing computer software.
  • To labeling books to be shelved open stacks
  • To monitor latest international librarianship developments in order to revise, amend or compile new professional guidance materials such as classification schemes, cataloguing rules and controlled vocabularies/thesauruses
  • To consult, make professional guidance on description, classification, key wording, doing abstract and annotation for public libraries and students of library studies at universities and colleges.