Functions and Tasks

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Functions and tasks of the National Library of Vietnam were assigned in the Library Ordinance (28th December 2000) as follows:

Article 17:

- The National Library of Vietnam is the central library of the whole country

Besides the tasks and rights prescribed in Articles 13 and 14 of the Ordinance, the National Library of Vietnam also has the following tasks and rights:

  •  To exploit documentary sources at home and abroad in order to meet the readers ‘demands;
  • To receive copyright deposit publications at home according to the regulations, to build and preserve for a long term the stocks of ethnic minority publication;
  •  To compile and publish the National Bibliography and the General Bibliography of Vietnam;
  • To organize the service of readers of all kinds according to its regulations;
  • To undertake the cooperation and exchange of documents with libraries at home and abroad:
  • To conduct scientific and technological researches in the field of information- library

Pursuant to Decree No. 2638/QĐ-BVHTTDL dated on 11th June 2008 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism detailing the mandates, mission, authority and organizational structure of the National Library of Vietnam, the NLV is currently assigned with the following functions and tasks:

# Article 1. Position and Mandates

  • The National Library of Vietnam is the country’s central library, a governmental agency under the management of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and assigned with the mandates of collection and preservation of the nation’s documentary heritage; and acquisition, preservation, organization and provision of information resources for the society’s use.
  • The National Library of Vietnam is legally incorporated and has its own seal and bank accounts.

# Article 2. Task and rights

1. To propose with the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism its development strategies, long term and annual plans and implement them once approved.

2. To collect, develop and preserve for long term use materials published in Vietnam and foreign publications about Vietnam.

3. To acquire legal depository copies of Vietnamese publications and doctoral thesis defended by Vietnamese citizens in Vietnam and abroad and by foreign citizens in Vietnam.

4. To acquire materials, exchange materials with, and receive donated materials from Vietnamese and foreign individuals, organizations in according with the Vietnamese laws.

5. To provide users with access to all kinds of the Library’s materials and allow them to participate in activities organized by the Library.

6. To compile and publish the National Bibliography and the Consolidated Bibliography of Vietnam, the Vietnamese Library Journal and other informative publications.

7. To conduct scientific research in the field of library and information science and apply scientific and technological advances to professional activities.

8. To advise and provide professional instructions for librarians all over the country through various channels such as compiling professional guides, providing continuing education and training, organizing conferences and workshops on librarianship assigned by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

9. To promote international cooperation in the library section through participating in international library associations, developing and implementing projects to seek donations of materials, library equipments from foreign libraries and organizations; through organizing sponsored conferences, professional experience sharing workshops, and documentary exhibitions in compliance with regulations.

10. To store the materials mentioned in Item 1 of Article 5 in the Library Ordinance and serve readers with the materials in compliance regulations.

11. To provide library services in compliance with regulations that support the missions and tasks assigned to the National Library of Vietnam.

12. To carry out, preserve disciplines noted in the Library’ regulations, to be responsible for maintaining safety, security and working environment in the areas under the management of the Library.

13. To manage the Library’s organizational structure, personnel, documentation; to implement policies on compensation for employees under the Library’s management as delegated by the Minister.

14. To manage and responsible use the assigned financial resources and assets as well as other revenues in compliance with regulations.

15. To implement other tasks assigned by the Minister.



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