General Introduction

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Name for international business: NATIONAL LIBRARY OF VIETNAM (NLV)

Official logo:


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  • Address: 31 Trang Thi Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Tel: +00-84-4-38255397
  • Fax: +00-84-4-38253357, 84-4-38248051
  • Website:
  • Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Managing general activities of the National Library of Viet Nam; Being responsible to the Party Commission, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Law about the entire operation of the library.

Direct responsibility: General Administration; Information Technology Division; Books Reading Room Division; Reference Division; Acquisition & Exchange Division.


Deputy Director: Mrs. NGUYEN NGOC ANH

Being responsible to the Director and the Law about the entire operation of the assigned areas.

Direct responsibility: Preservation Division; Research & Professional Guidance Division; Legal Deposit Division; Cataloguing Division




  • The National Library of Viet Nam were, are and will bestriving endlessly to become a place that preserve knowledge and inspire aspiration, a realliable and friendly address of the readers at home and abroad, an institution with worthy prestige and position in the library community of Viet Nam, reagion and the world. To achieve these objectives, the NLV will focus on the following tasks:
  • First, to enhance collection, preservation and promotion of writing cultural heritage and build a museum of Vietnamese documentation (on such materials as terracotta, stone, ceramic, leaves, wood, bamboo, paper, copper, etc.)
  • Second, tocontinue with the task of fostering and training the professional capacity, educating the professional ethics, job passion, sense of responsibility and dedication to work for every official and employee.
  • Third, to develop the NLV towards a traditional – modern – digital library with implementation of Information Technology in storing and exloring information resources as the important trend for the development and formation of the traditional – modern – digital library network throughout the country.
  • Fourth, to build a friendly creative reading environment and create a lifelong learning and reading environment for all citizens. To achieve the general goal “All for readers” by offering a variety of reading services such as onsite reading at the library and online reading through website of the NLV.
  • Fifth, to closely coordinate with the Departments, Ministries, branches, and the domestic and international  library information community to well accomplish the goal “Unification, standardization, sharing and integration” and improve the quality of professional competence.
  • Sixth, to extend international cooperation on the fields of material exchange, experience sharing in organization and management of modern library and human resources training to meet the requirements of the “knowledge economy” or “knowledge for the social-economic development”.