Legal Deposit Division

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  • To collect, preserve and develop the national collection by monitoring and urging publishers, publishing agencies, media agencies, University Post Graduate Departments, etc. to submit publications, doctoral theses presented at home and abroad by Vietnamese citizens and doctoral theses presented in Vietnam by foreigners.
  • To receive publications submitted under the legal deposit and Ph.D thesis according to regulations.
  • To coordinate with publishing authorities, publishers, book distribution agencies, newspapers to learn about their master plans, annual quantities of publications and to work out methods to collect publications published in the country exhaustively.
  • To organize, arrange, preserve and manage the storage of legal deposit publications
  • To implement the regime of monitoring, inventory, and comparison of the number of deposited publications
  • To compile and publish the monthly and annual National Bibliographies
  • To summarize, compile theoretical and professional guidance in the field of work assigned.
Product and Services
  • To compile annual and monthly National Bibliography