Signing memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the National Library of Viet Nam and the National Library of Korea

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On the morning of April 23, 2021, Ms. Kieu Thuy Nga, Director of the National Library of Viet Nam (NLV) and Ms. Suh Hye Ran, Chief Executive of the National Library of Korea (NLK) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on “Window on Korea” cooperation 2021-2025. The signing ceremony is held in the online form.

Overview of the signing ceremony

“Window on Korea” (WOK) is a project by the NLK since 2007 to sponsor Korean and English resources in an effort to introduce the country and people of Korea in many fields, and support installation of open spaces at the selected libraries around the world to access these resources. The project has been effectively implemented at the NLV since 2007 on the basis of the MoU documents between the NLV and the NLK during the periods 2007-2011, and 2016-2020. In nearly 15 years implementing the WOK program, over 10,000 print items and digital resources on various topics in Korean and English have been provided to users in Viet Nam.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Ms. Suh Hye Ran - CEO of the NLK committed to continue to provide more resources on diverse topics to enrich the WOK collection at the NLV in the next stage.

For her part, Ms. Kieu Thuy Nga – Director of the NLV sincerely thanked the cooperation of the NLK and affirmed that the NLV has actively organized separate spaces to support its users to access these valuable resources, such as orgnanized the Dynamic Korea Reading Room (2008-2012), and separate bookshelves in the Multilingual Reading Room (from 2012 to present), helping scientists, businessmen and thousands of students better understand about the country and people of Kimchi nation. Along with that, activities of exploring Korean culture have also been organized by the National Library of Vietnam itself and in cooperation with the Korean Cultural Center in Hanoi, attracting great attention of the public and readers. She also pledged to continue to well implement the “Window on Korea” program at the National Library of Viet Nam in the coming time.

Ms. Kieu Thuy Nga and Ms. Suh Hye Ran signed the Memorandum of Understandon “Window on Korea” cooperation 2021-2025

Through signing the MoU, the two national libraries together affirmed to continue to work closely to implement the “Window on Korea” program at the NLV more effectively, and well fulfill the role of bridging knowledge and culture between the two countries.


News: Huong Giang, Photos: Luong Ninh