Deploying the project to develop the TCVN: Document management - Electronic document file format for long-term preservation

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The National Library of Vietnam (NLV) conducted a meeting on March 18, 2022, to implement the project of developing the National Standards "Document management - Electronic document file format for long-term preservation," which is managed by MLS Kieu Thuy Nga – NLV’s Director.

The project is developed based on approving the ISO 19005 Document management - Electronic document file format for long-term preservation equivalent. The set of standards is divided into two parts that specify how to use PDF/A for documents in various versions such as 1.4, 1.7, 2.0..., in which regulations on how to use PDF/A, symbols, compliance, and specifications such as file structure, graphics, graphs, fonts, clarity, annotations, actions, metadata, logical structures, interaction patterns... are included. Part 1: Use of  PDF 1.4 (PDF/A-1). Part 2: Use of ISO 32000-1 (PDF/A-2).

This Standard was created in response to the current requirement for data management and storage. Along with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the aggressive implementation of national digital transformation, growing the diversity of digital resources, and conserving electronic records, poses new and pressing issues for archivists. In order for documents to be utilized as legal evidence, their content, context, and structure, which exist independently of the media in the technological environment, must be maintained. Managing the media on its own will not suffice. As a result, agreement on a common electronic document file format that satisfies the needs of long-term preservation is required.

At the meeting, Ms. Kieu Thuy Nga, Project Manager, gave an overview of the Project and stated the Project's goal to define a PDF file format (PDF/A) to store documents, provide a mechanism to display electronic documents in a way that maintains their visual appearance over the time, independent of the tools and systems used to create, store, or display the files; and provide a framework for recording the context and history of electronic documents as metadata in appropriate formats to fulfill the following needs: Electronic data governance; electronic document file format; electronic document long-term preservation; Data extraction, meeting the demands of corporations, governments, libraries, archives, organizations, and individuals; facilitating readers' access to and use of library contents.

Delegates and experts attending the meeting highly appreciated the way the Project was implemented, the scientific working method, the benefits that the Project brought in the fields of information-libraries, data storage, etc. building application software as well as the management and construction of electronic libraries,... Furthermore, the perspectives expressed and discussed centered on the following topics: How to standardize terminology approaches and terms after translation to make them more understandable, accessible, and appropriate for Vietnam's conditions; to improve work efficiency, change the Editorial Board's working technique directly or online based on the current scenario... This will serve as the foundation for the Editorial Board to continue researching, supplementing, editing, and perfecting the Draft and Explanation of the National Standard "Document Management – Electronic Document File Format for Long-term Preservation".

The project will be implemented over the course of two years, from 2022 to 2023, and is scheduled to be finished and publicized by the end of 2023.

Photos of the same event:


Member of the Compilation Board of the TCVN development Project


MLS. Kieu Thuy Nga – Director of NLV, Project Manager spoke at the meeting



Delegates discussed at the meeting


News: Thu Trang; Photos: Việt Đức