Signing working coordination program between the Authority of Publication, Printing and Distribution and the National Library of Viet Nam

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- Jointly organizing book display and exhibitions to serve key political tasks of the Party and State; communication and promotion of books, publishing and library activities on the basis of the following events: Book Festivals, Conference and Workshops at home and abroad; activities in response to Books and Culture Day April 21st, World Books and Copyright Day April 23rd.

- Supporting and transferring application of information technology to the library system to access digital/electronic publications for the development of reading culture; expanding information connection and sharing data between the two institutions.

- Checking the receipt of publications by publishers and organizations licensed to publish non-business materials submit to the NLV in accordance with the publishing law; perform the digitization of publications for management purposes.

The program also sets out specific objectives for the implementation stage in which focusing on promoting strengths of the two sides, building and organizing the implementation of propaganda and promotion of products and services in the field of publishing so that libraries can have access to use for the aim of research and study. Mobilize all social resources to develop the reading culture in the community, effectively implement the program of the working coordination.

At the signing ceremony, the leaders of the two institutions agreed on a working coordination program valid from the signing date until the end of December 31, 2026, and at the same time pledged to seriously implement the signed agreement in the spirit of cooperation, close and effective coordination, together maintaining the mission of sustainable development of the reading culture foundation of the nation, through which well perform the political tasks assigned by the governed Ministries.

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Overview of the Ceremony


Mr. Nguyễn Nguyên – Director of the Authority of Publication, Printing and Distributiondelivers speech at the Ceremony


Ms. Kieu Thuy Nga, Director of the National Library of Viet Nam delivers speech at the Ceremony


Signing ceremony between the Authority of Publication, Printing and Distribution and the National Library of Viet Nam


Delegates take souvenir photo


News: Dang Dung; Photos: Viet Duc