International seminar “A portal between French-Vietnames cultures: from Literature to Human Sciences” in Paris, France

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From May 16 - 17, 2019, in Paris, France, the National Library of France (NLF) collaborated with Paris Pedagogical University to organize the International Seminar themed“A portal between French-Vietnamese cultures: from Literature to Human Sciences”. Ms. Laurence Engel, President of the National Library of France and Mr. Marc Mézard, Director of Paris Pedagogical University have attended the seminar and delivered the opening speech.

The seminar received attention and participation of scholars, researchers and experts from libraries, archives, research institutes, and universities of Viet Nam, France and the United States. Presentations at the seminar revolved around the theme of culture, literature and the human sciences of Viet Nam during the French colonial period, recreating a picture of French - Vietnamese cultural exchanges and interferences, specifically in the fields of bibliography, Viet Nam’s literature in national script and French language in this period. Through these studies, scientific recommendations have been made for content of the French - Vietnamese portal, expected to be launched in late 2019.

At the seminar, Mrs. Kieu Thuy Nga, Director of the National Library of Viet Nam (NLV) gave a presentation on “The Indochina collection at the National Library of Viet Nam and the prospects of collaboration with the National Library of France”. The presentation focused on the history of forming the Indochina collection at the NLV, activities and projects have been implemented for this collection as well as cooperation activities between the NLV and the NLF in the past, and the prospects of future cooperation, especially on the establishment of the Portal of the two libraries.

Within the framework of the working visit to France, before the seminar, on May 15, 2019, Director of the NLV attended the Scientific Council Meeting about French - Vietnamese portal at the NLF, chaired by Ms. Laurence Engel, President of the NLF. At the meeting, participants were introduced about the Project, the features and interfaces under construction of the Portal. At the same time, discussions about the time limit of the Indochina collections and books, the topic structures covered in the Portal…have also been made. The two sides have reached an agreement to build and develop the digitalized portal and put into operation, expected in December 2019.

The French - Vietnamese portal is a project hosted by the NLF, in collaboration with some partners, including the NLV. The portal provides access to the digitalized Indochina repository of the NLV and the NLF, creates maximum favorable conditions for searching documents about Viet Nam and Indochina during the French colonial period, contributing to preservation of original materials in both libraries and promotion of these special collections.

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International seminar “A portal between cultures: from literature to Human Sciences - France-Viet Nam”

Scientific Council Meeting of French - Vietnamese portal at the National Library of France


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