Inauguration Ceremony of the Exhibition "Hungarian National Assembly"

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On May 31, 2022, the National Library of Viet Nam (NLV), in partnership with the Hungarian Embassy in Viet Nam, conducted the opening ceremony of the photo exhibition "Hungarian National Assembly". The ceremony was co-chaired by Ms. Kieu Thuy Nga, Director of the National Library of Viet Nam, and Mr. Csaba Öry, Hungarian Ambassador to Viet Nam.

Attending the event, on the side of invited guests, there were attendance of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hoa, Director of the International Cooperation Department; Mr. Ma The Anh, Director of the Fine Arts, Photography, and Exhibitions Department; and Mr. Pham Quoc Hung, Director of the Library Department, Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Viet Nam.

On the side of international guests, there were attendance of Ambassadors from Austria, Belarus, Iran, Czech Republic, and Singapore, and representatives from the embassies of  Egypt, Algeria, Poland, the United States, Indonesia, Laos, Russia, and Ukraine.

Representatives from the agencies, units, professional associations under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, as well as leaders of the National Agency for Science and Technology, the Institute of Social Science Information, the Library of the National Assembly, the Military Library, the Hanoi Public Library, universities in Hanoi, and press agencies magazine, television also attended the event.

The exhibition presents to the public ten large-format images (85x200cm) that reproduce the 140-year-old building history of the Hungarian National Assembly, stressing the architectural style, decorating, and contemporary functions of this building. The Hungarian National Assembly is renowned as one of the world's largest parliament buildings, built in 17 years (1885 - 1902), and more particularly, this work was made nearly exclusively using materials produced locally, defined by Hungarian nature and history. The work, which is the pride of the Hungarian people and country, has been designated by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site and has become an indispensable historical and cultural symbol of the Hungarian nation.

The photo exhibition "Hungarian National Assembly" held to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Viet Nam and Hungary, has confirmed the solid cooperation connection between the National Library of Viet Nam and the Hungarian Embassy in Viet Nam during the last time. At the same time, it has also contributed to the enrichment of cooperation in the field of culture in particular, as well as the two countries' overall partnership in general.

The exhibition take place from May 31 to June 6, 2022 at the National Library of Viet Nam, 31 Trang Thi, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Photos of the same event:


2022-05-31-hungary 2

Overview of the exhibition

2022-05-31-hungary 3

Ms. Kieu Thuy Nga - NLV Director, speaks at the ceremony

2022-05-31-hungary 4

Mr. Csaba Ory, Hungarian Ambassador to Viet Nam, gives a remarks

2022-05-31-hungary 5

Ribbon cutting to open the photo exhibition "Hungarian National Assembly"

2022-05-31-hungary 6

Mini-concert performed by Schubert in a Mug

2022-05-31-hungary 7

2022-06-01-hungary- 1

2022-05-31-hungary 8

2022-06-01-hungary- 2

Delegates visit the exhibition


News: Hương Giang; Photos: Việt Đức