Director of Korean Cultural Center pays a working visit to the National Library of Viet Nam

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On the afternoon of May 18, 2023, Mr. Choi Seung Jin – new Director of the Korean Cultural Center visited the National Library of Viet Nam (NLV), Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dung - Acting Director of the NLV received the delegation.

At the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dung congratulated Mr. Choi Seung Jin on his new assignment in Viet Nam, briefly introduced the establishment and development history of the National Library of Viet Nam, and reviewed the cooperation activities between the two agencies over the past time: receiving Korean materials at the NLV, building the Children’s Cultural Library, implementing some reading promotion activities for children… Taking this opportunity, the NLV’s Acting Director expressed his appreciation for the support of the Korean Cultural Center and suggested that the two sides should continue to cooperate in the coming time.

Mr. Choi Seung Jin expressed his sincere thanks to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dung for taking time to receive the delegation, and is happy at the effective cooperation results achieved by the two agencies, considered this as a solid foundation for the two sides to continue the cooperation program in the future. On this occasion, Mr. Choi Seung Jin introduced the “K-Culture is everywhere” project and hope that the NLV, with a large number of readers of all ages, would be an ideal destination for the implementation of the project.  

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dung welcomed the goodwill of Mr. Choi Seung Jin and affirmed that the NLV is ready to cooperate with the Korean Cultural Center to organize cultural activities at the Library, bringing the chances for the public in general and the NLV’s readers in particular to learn about unique features of Korean culture, country and people. The two sides agreed to continue to discuss in further detail and have a specific cooperation plan in the coming time.

At the end of the meeting, Director of the Korean Cultural Center had a tour visit to the campus and reading spaces of the NLV.

Photos of the same event:

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Panoramic view of the reception

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2023-05-23-han-quoc- 7

The delegation visited reading spaces of the National Library of Viet Nam


News: Huong Giang; Photos: Thuy Dung