Training on use of cataloguing rules Resource Description and Access – Vietnamese edition

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Implementing the 2019 plan, from December 9-12, 2019, the Vietnamese Library Association of Southern Academic Libraries in collaboration with the University of Finance and Marketing Library organized a training course on using the cataloguing rules Resource Description and Access (RDA) – Vietnamese edition with the National Library of Viet Nam as the trainers. Attending the training course were managing officials and cataloguers of universities and colleges in the Southern region.

The training course introduced important knowlege about RDA cataloguing rules, such as: overview about RDA, structure and management principles; relationships with other standards on resource description and access; usage of guidelines and instructions in RDA to record attributes of manifestations and items, attributes of works and expressions, attributes of persons, families and corporate bodies, attributes of concepts, objects, events and places; the basics of relationships between entities in RDA; how to record relationships between entities in  information resources, how to provide access points for information resources... These contents  helped participants understand the principles of description, how to build and exploit information resources, and apply rules of RDA to provide description for different types of information resources.

Photos of the event:


Panoramic view of the Training Course



NLV trainers at the Training Course


News and photos: Van Anh