Facilities – IT infrastructure

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The National Library of Vietnam is well equipped with a modern and comprehensive system of equipment and facilities to meet increasing needs of the user community: well equipped and decorated reading rooms, staff offices, garden and outdoor settings, clean storages, etc. The Library’s infrastructure which has been used and maintained effectively include the following components:

  • Storehouses
  • Reading rooms
  • Staff offices
  • Security control system: Camera, security gate etc.,
  • Equipment for preservation and restoration of library materials
  • Equipment for digitization of library materials


Information Technology Infrastructure

The NLV’s facilities have been constantly invested through building library activities capacity building such as “Developing the electronic/digital library system at the National Library of Viet Nam” (2001); “Advanced the electronic/digital library system at the National Library of Viet Nam and 61 provincial/city libraries” (2003); “Improving the capacity of IT application on electronic/digital library at NLV and public library system” (2005); " Expanding and upgrading the electronic/digital library system in NLV and the public library system"(2006),"Strengthening the capacity of automation at the National Library of Viet Nam” (2007,2009), “Strengthening the capacity of Digital library and Digital Preservation at the National Library of Viet Nam”(2012) including:

LAN Network: NLV has completed LAN, connecting to buildings by the fiber-optic cables, network lines to each Room/Division in the library.

- INTERNET system including 3 lines transferred:

  • 01 individual channel line (Leased-Line) with high-speed, large bandwidth for the online services of the library, such as bibliographic databases (OPAC), the Digital Library Software (Dlib, Han Nom), Website, Mail (Zimbra) ... and Internet access for library staff.
  • 01 line 100Mbps FTTH broadband service Digital Library (docWORKs Software, Veridian).
  • 01 line FTTH 80Mbps dedicated bandwidth for Internet access, the online databases which created by the library or annual purchased for access.
  • Wifi is widely available.

- Computer system:

  • Workstation System: Total number of 250 client server used to processing document, digitalizing and serving readers; especially the client-server serving the digitalization works with 10 computers, 40 computers serving at the Multimedia room; 15 computers serving the library users accessing the central digital data, 20 computers used for training; 32 computers used for searching information.
  • Server system: 14 functional server: Digital library (DLIB, Han Nom, Verdian Online, Verdian LAN, DocWORKs), Digital Library (ILIB), Data Server, Website, Mail, DHCP, DNS, ISA, Firewall (Checkpoint)… including Storage Server 30 Terabyte capacity.

- Digitizing equipments:

  • Auto scanner DL3003 manufactured by 4DigitalBooks – Switzeland, supporting scanning both books, magazines, newspapers from the smallest size to A1 size with average scanning speed from 1100-1300 pages/hour, this is one of the most modern machine generation of the world.
  • Microfilm scanner, Modern Microfiche produced by the US (ScanPro2000).
  • Besides, NLV has a different types of scanners, serving the purpose of work such as digitalizing by the high-resolution camera, integrated scanner used for printing large paper size Ao produced by HP; Large size flatbed scanner; Flatbed scanner A3 (EPSON XL10000)…

- The available Library management system:

  • The Electronic Library Management System ILIB (version 4.0)
  • Digital Library Management System DLIB
  • Digital Library Management System Veridian       (DL Consulting - NewZealand).
  • Digitalized Data Processing docWORKs (CCS – Germany)
  • Digital Library Management System of Han Nom
  • Library Management Software for Provincial, District libraries