The First Symposium of constructing National Standard “Information and Documentation – Interlibrary Loan Transactions”

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To perform the tasks of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism assigned the National Library of Vietnam (NLV) to implement the Project of constructing National Standard, dated 11th September 2016, the NLV organized the First Symposium with the aim to exchange, discuss and receive comments of scientists, managers, experts in the field of library, information and standards for the 2nd draft of National Standard "Information and documentation - Interlibrary Loan Transactions".

The project is built on the basis of ISO 18626:2014 Information and documentation - Interlibrary Loan Transactions in order to unify the interpretation, the standard application, the procedures and operational processes of providing loan services among libraries, information centers, agencies, units and enterprises operating in the fields of information technology, library software development in Viet Nam. With the extremely limited funding for the material addition work, along with the enhancement of the ability to exploit the available resources, the construction of National Standards will contribute to the reduction of material addition cost, avoid the overlapping investment, meet the requirements of readers quickly, conveniently, thereby improving the quality of operations, increasing efficiency in serving users at the information – library agencies.

The participants of the Symposium have appreciated the methodical way of implementing the Project, accurate translations, ensured transferring content ... the Symposium has recognized and absorbed 63 comments focusing on: Making it more Vietnamese after translation; Updating referenced documents, the reference materials will be announced during the process of editing Viet Nam Standards; creating the environment of applying standards; proposing construction of some Viet Nam Standards in the field of library ... This is the basis for the  Specialized Technical Sub-Committee to compile National Standard "Information and Documentation: Interlibrary Loan Transactions" to continue to study, supplement, modify and complete the Draft and standards and Notes.

Pictures of the Symposium

Mrs. Kieu Thuy Nga – Director of the NLV, Project leader presenting her report

Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Anh – Deputy Director of the NLV, Head of Specialized Technical Sub-Committee presenting her Acquisition report and explaining comments of organizations, individuals for the Draft and Draft Notes

Dr. Vu Duong Thuy Nga – Director of Library Department presenting


Mr. Vu Van Son – Association of Viet Nam Information and Documentation presenting


Mr. Pham The Khang – President of Viet Nam Library Association presenting

Assoc. Prof, Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan Thanh – Former Vice Rector of Ha Noi University of Culture presenting

Dr. Nguyen  Huy Chương – Head of Library – Cataloguing subject, Information – Library faculty, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Viet Nam National University presenting

Ms. Nguyen Thi Dao – Consultant expert of the Draft presenting

Mrs. Nguyen Tuyet Mai – Director of Phu Tho Provincial Library presenting

Ms. Le Thi Hanh – Director of Information – Library Center, Ha Noi Law University presenting

Mrs. Nguyen Van Anh – Institute of Viet Nam Quality Standard presenting


Mr. Duong Viet Huy – Department of Science, Technology, Environment, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism representing



News and pictures: Hong Van