1st Meeting of CONSAL XVII Executive Board in Yangon, Myanmar

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From 28th – 29th July, 2016, the 1st Meeting of Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL) XVII has taken place in Yangon (Myanmar) with the participation of more than 50 delegates and observers from: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam, Timor Leste and the host country Myanmar. Vietnamese delegation attending the 1st Meeting includes 03 delegates from the National Library of Viet Nam and Viet Nam Library Association.

After 16times of Congress since establishment and development, CONSAL has truly become one of the most prestigious professional organizations regarding library aspect in the region. In the Meeting, besides annual activities like reports on operational updates from country members, reports on progress of common CONSAL programs and projects, delegates and observers have spent a great amount of time to lively discuss on the arising issues such as: Calendar of operation from each CONSAL country; CONSAL’s strategic vision in the future; Theme and logo of CONSAL XVII; Key goals in the period of 2016-2019 and Proposed activities to celebrate 50th Anniversary of ASEAN 2017.

With the serious and effective working mindset, the 1st Meeting of CONSAL XVII has been successful, fully implemented the set contents, achieved high consensus from all country members.

Some pictures of Viet Nam delegation in Myanmar:

CONSAL delegates joining in a picture

Overview of the 1st Meeting of CONSAL XVII in Yangon, Myanmar

Viet Nam delegation attending CONSAL


News and pictures: Hai Ha