The 25th Conference of Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania in Beijing – China

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From 16th – 19th May, 2017, the 25th Conference of Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania (CDNLAO 25) with the participation of delegates coming from 20 National Libraries (NL) of region countries has taken place in Beijing, China.

Speaking at the opening session of the Conference, Assistant Secretary of the Minister of Culture of China, Chairman of International Federation of Associations and Librarians – IFLA and Chairman of the meeting – Director of National Library of China all emphasized: CDNLAO is a high-level meeting of the NL in Asia and Oceania, a forum of effective cooperation and sharing that has significantly contributed to the development of the library sector in the region particularly and the sustainable development of countries in the region generally. With the aim of further consolidating and enhancing the forum efficiency, the 25th CDNLAO’s theme has been chosen as “Building a strong regional National Library network” focusing on the discussion to come up with an effective mechanism to improve cooperation and exchange activities among countries’ National Libraries in the region in order to reinforce the influence and fulfill the mission of sustainable development of NLs.

At the conference, delegates discussed about the working mechanism of CDNLAO, in which they emphasized the need to establish a Secretary Committee with the aim to support the forum’s sustainable development in the future. The Conference witnessed the member countries reporting their outstanding performance in 2016 with typical achievements such as: the enhanced infrastructure of their NLs; the 10-year strategic plan of some countries; the well-grown documentary collection especially multimedia materials; the increasingly diverse library services; the well-developed disabilities services of some countries; the well-contributed national sustainable development plan through preserving and promoting the heritage material of the nation; the promotion of ancient, precious and rare document digitization; the research work and development of reading culture, the building of information skills continue to be paid attention and promoted in various forms of new cooperation, some libraries have established the ASEAN corner; the cooperation activities in the NL are very dynamic, in which the international activities have been reinforced and assisted countries’ NLs in bring into play the potential and improve the quality of community service. In 2016, some difficult libraries in the South Pacific region have received support of documentation, training, and equipments from developing countries’ NLs in the region.

In the theme discussion of the Conference, delegates had a chance to listen to 03 representative reports of typical regional cooperation activities and projects by the NL of China, NL of Korea and NL of New Zealand regarding the construction of joint digital libraries China – Japan – Korea; the hosting of general documentary exhibition in New Zealand and China; seminar organization; short and medium-term training courses for regional countries in South Korea, the deployment of Window Of Korea in 20 countries across the world… Besides, delegates also discussed the application of descriptive standards and access to RDA and shared experience in applying RDA as well as training resources using standards.

The Conference’s closing session concluded that the NL of Myanmar will host the 26th CDNLAO meeting in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar in 2018.

At the same time, the Director of the NLV had a bilateral meeting with the Director of the NL of China in which both sides discussed the situation and development prospects of cooperation activities between 2 NLs in the future.

On the sidelines of the Conference, delegates attended the exhibition opening of the Rewi Alley – the cooperation activity between the NL of China and the NL of New Zealand; the tour visit of digital library, the service areas of the NL of China.

Pictures of the Conference:


Overview of the 25th  CDNLAO


Mrs. Kieu Thuy Nga, the Director of the NLV presenting reports at the Conference


The bilateral meeting between Mrs. Kieu Thuy Nga, the Director of the NLV and Mr. Han Yongjin, the Director of the NL of China


Tour visit to Rewi Alley Exhibition


Tour visit to the NL of China


Group photo


News and pictures: Bui Thi Thuy